Dropbox unveils a brand-new design and user experience for its desktop app

The new Dropbox is here and you can try its best feature today

The new Dropbox is here and you can try its best feature today

If you happen to prefer Dropbox as your (or your employer's) cloud storage solution of choice, you might've had fleeting thoughts about how hard it's been to navigate through its user interface - whether it's on mobile or on your desktop or laptop.

Dropbox unveiled a major overhaul Tuesday created to transform its file-sync service into a central collaboration hub connecting other tools like G Suite, Slack, Zoom and Microsoft Office.

Dropbox CEO Drew Houston introduced the new app at a media event in San Francisco, and it will be initially available as part of an early access program. You can even view AutoCAD files inside a Dropbox file viewer, even if you don't have AutoCAD installed.

Assuming you're using a suite of apps that integrate with Dropbox already, you can centralise your workflows and not need to jump between apps when you want kick off a quick video conference or work collaboratively on a document.

The firm has also upgraded its search experience so a search run through Dropbox searches through all your content.

If you got into Dropbox as a consumer who wanted to share files, take note of Dropbox's more corporate priorities today.

"Let's bring this experience into the 21st century", Houston said. Dropbox Team admins can go a step further with the new link-up with Atlassian for work management.

An overview of the new design for Dropbox's desktop application. With this release, Dropbox has changed the underlying structure of its desktop application to operate just like any other desktop application, rather than its previous incarnation, which was tied very closely to desktop file systems like Windows File Explorer or Apple's Finder. For example, if you send a Slack message or designate a file to be shared with a Slack channel, the recipients will hear about it on Slack. But the company is working on closer integration with others, he said, and what we're seeing now is just version one of the new Dropbox.

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