Boris Johnson tops first-round vote for British PM

Pro-Brexit activists in March but the Chancellor warned

Pro-Brexit activists in March but the Chancellor warned

The results of the first Tory leadership ballot have been revealed - with three MPs eliminated.


They are both among the seven who will go through to the second MPs' ballot next Tuesday when they will need 33 votes to go through to the next round of voting.

Former UK Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson leads the first round of voting which took place on Thursday to elect a new Prime Minister for the country with the Brexit deal in mind.

The 30 votes which had been won by Mr Harper, Mrs Leadsom and Ms McVey are now up for grabs, with the remaining leadership candidates set to battle for support to ensure they can get over the threshold required in the next round.

If all the ten candidates receive 17 votes then the one with the fewest votes will drop out of the contest. The candidates are allowed to vote for themselves.

On Wednesday, the European Commission said: "In light of the continued uncertainty in the United Kingdom. and the overall domestic political situation, a "no-deal" scenario on 1 November 2019 very much remains a possible - although undesirable - outcome".

The second round is due on June 18 with further ballots planned for June 19 and June 20 until there are just two candidates.

The two candidates left at the end of the ballots will then spend a month campaigning across the country.

If there were only three candidates left by next Tuesday's vote, one would be eliminated and the contest could proceed to the next stage of voting by the party membership the same day, instead of next Thursday as now scheduled.

He told the Press Association he was "absolutely over the moon" to have secured just enough votes to survive the first ballot.

Those two candidates will then face a straight vote by the party's grassroots members, with the victor announced towards the end of July.

"With the Conservative candidates engaged in an increasingly unsafe Brexit arms-race and the front-runner Boris Johnson open to the idea of forcing through a destructive No Deal, the voice of the British public must be heard". That's why the People's Vote campaign is beginning an all-out nationwide mobilisation through the summer and the autumn that will culminate in one of the biggest demonstrations Britain has ever seen on October 12 before the crunch decision on Brexit.

Somebody who attempted to subvert our constitution, our liberties, our parliament... who dared to stand as prime minister and claim they could lock the doors on parliament would not deserve to be prime minister.
"People are angry, they're scared, they're exhausted of it".

"If any candidate ducks that duty, there is a simple question we should ask: 'What have you got to hide?'"

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