Huawei seeks trademark for Hongmeng OS, its competitor to Google's Android

Huawei Ark OS Mobile OS

Huawei Ark OS Mobile OS

The Chinese technology giant has to seek ways to replace Google's Android operating system (OS) after the United States company chose to comply with Washington's ban on trading with Huawei without government approval. "We don't want to go for our own systems; we still very much like the co-operation with Google in the past few years", the person said.

Huawei has more significant headaches to deal with than the Mate X's launch for the moment, but it's not Trump's ban that's responsible for the Mate X's delayed launch.

Pang, however, denied the delay was due to the ban, saying Huawei was in the process of running certification tests with various carriers that were expected to be completed in August.

Reports suggest the launch may happen as soon as this year, as Huawei tries to demonstrate to the U.S. and the world its homegrown technological capabilities and make a point amid a broader trade war.

Global Times reports that companies like Tencent, OPPO, and VIVO sent employees to Huawei to test the new internally-called HongMeng operating system.

As another curveball to this story, there have also been reports in recent days that Huawei could decide to work with Russia and use a Russian-created OS as an Android replacement. Sailfish OS is also known to be compatible with Android apps as well.

The company's patent filings include screenshots displaying the operating system's interface, which shares some features with Android's UI. After all, it's not looking like the Galaxy Fold will be released in either June or July. So, in the search for an Android alternative (which Huawei needs badly), the Chinese company seems to be opting for an existing OS instead of a new one. If all the phones do get the update, Google risks losing significant Android market share. Hongmeng will support other devices later. Huawei accounted for about or 4% of the company's overall sales previous year.

The company is developing its own OS plan B, dubbed Hongmeng in China and Ark outside it. The two superpowers are, of course, in the midst of an escalating trade war after the USA failed to secure a trade deal with China.

Still, Google won't be able to rest easy or dismiss the potential threat from the Chinese giant, which will have a huge domestic market as a protective shield.

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