'It wasn't supposed to be David' confessed Ortiz shooter says from jail

Man wanted in shooting of David ‘Big Papi’ Ortiz also sought for PA shooting report

Man wanted in shooting of David ‘Big Papi’ Ortiz also sought for PA shooting report

The video shows a meeting between the suspects, as well as the shooting. That victim, like Ortiz, survived a bullet wound to the back. Witnesses captured at least one man, beat him and waited until police arrived to scoop him up to jail. He has been identified as Luis Alfredo Riva Clase, who goes by the bone-chilling nickname "The Surgeon".

This news comes after reports that another man allegedly involved in the hit on Ortiz, 25-year-old Rolfy Ferreyra-Cruz, may also be wanted for armed robberies in New Jersey.

Six men, the alleged gunman and five accomplices, have already been detained by police for Ortiz's shooting, Dominican officials said Wednesday.

Ferreyra Cruz is also believed to be the same man wanted in a pair of armed street robberies on December 22 in Clifton, New Jersey, a detective lieutenant, Robert Bracken, with the city's police department told The Star-Ledger newspaper of Newark, New Jersey.

David Ortiz was shot and wounded at a Dominican Republic bar over the weekend.

Late Thursday, police in the Dominican Republic arrested three more people in connection with the shooting, bringing the number of people in custody to nine.

The alleged gunman is seen on surveillance video exiting the vehicle before mounting the motorcycle. In the footage, Ortiz appears to grab his stomach before collapsing.

The ambush occurred Sunday night at a restaurant in Santo Domingo.

Shortly after the shooting, Ortiz was rushed to a local hospital and was in the intensive care unit after being treated for bleeding in his liver and having portions of his intestines and gall bladder removed, said Leo Lopez, his spokesman.

The Boston Red Sox released a statement on behalf of Tiffany Ortiz, who thanked the owner of Presidente Sports for his quick thinking in driving David Ortiz to the hospital following the shooting. "His condition is guarded and he will remain in the ICU for the coming days, but he is making good progress towards recovery".

CNN Correspondent Patrick Oppmann reported from Santo Domingo.

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