Keanu Reeves sweet reaction to social media's obsession with him

Donald Mustard of Epic says Fortnite's Reaper skin was not based on John Wick

Donald Mustard of Epic says Fortnite's Reaper skin was not based on John Wick

Keanu Reeves has been a hot topic as of late. The handsome hunk has acted in a number of hit movies and has proved himself to be a versatile actor.

Reeves is now riding high with a trifecta of successful movies thanks to John Wick 3, Always Be My Maybe (in which his appearance inspired its own Twitter account) and the upcoming Toy Story 4, meaning he's managed to star in an action film, rom-com, and what will likely be one of the biggest children's movies of the year, all within the same few months. He is also in news for his cameo in Netflix's "Always Be My Maybe".

Keanu Reeves just found out about his "internet boyfriend" status, and he had a priceless reaction.

Reeves doesn't appear to use social media, but even he caught wind of his current internet fame. But the always calm and collected Reeves was humbled by it. This has been an inspiration to a number of memes.

There have been some speculation on the cyberspace if people are taking it too far with our admiration for Keanu Reeves and whether it will get to his head eventually.

We all come to popular things at different times - and so, what something means to me may mean something different to you.

In an interview with People, he said,"I've been what?"

"That is, uh, that is wacky", Reeves talked about.

However, the actor was surprised to learn about his new title."I've been what?", he said when asked how he felt about the internet's obsession with him."I didn't know that. Well, the positivity's great", the 54-year-old actor said.

In the John Wick film series, Wick is a legendary assassin seeking vengeance at any cost.

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