La Liga to appeal €250k fine over 'spy' row

LaLiga fined after found using app users' microphones to

LaLiga fined after found using app users' microphones to "spy" on bars

SPAIN'S La Liga has been fined €250,000 for using a mobile phone app to listen out for illegal screenings of football matches. The app, which is primitive for preserving song of video games and stats, used to be the spend of the cellular phone's microphone and Global Positioning System to song bars illegally streaming soccer video games, Spanish newspaper El País reported.

Though La Liga admitted the app did record through users' phones, the league insisted the users had the option to opt-out of allowing the app to track phone location and access the microphone. Still, regulators weren't convinced that app users knew what they were signing up for.

Despite challenging the ruling, La Liga said it will remove the microphone feature from the app by the end of this month.

According to Spanish newspaper El País, the league told authorities that when its apps detected users were in bars the apps would record audio through phone microphones.

La Liga also said they only listened for a specific "sonic fingerprint" to catch the illegal streams and did not decipher conversations of users.

There has always been speculation in some corners that certain companies, in particular, social media companies use your phone microphone to gather data to hit you with targeted ads.

Apparently, the app's terms and services do explain to users that by accepting the T&Cs their phone will be used to detect fraudulent activities.

And they said they "profoundly disagree" with the decision to fine, pledging to appeal the decision.

La Liga - the highest men's professional division of the Euro nation's football league system - must cough up the €250,000 ($280,000, £222,000) penalty after it was slapped by Spanish watchdog AEPD for breaking Europe's tough regulations safeguarding privacy.

"All this technology was implemented to achieve a legitimate goal", La Liga said, adding that it has a responsibility to use all technological advances at its disposal to "fight against piracy".

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