No Man's Sky fans are buying a billboard to thank its developer

No Man's Sky Fans Buy Ad Outside Hello Games Office To Say Thanks

No Man's Sky Fans Buy Ad Outside Hello Games Office To Say Thanks

Considering how often we hear about entitled fans lashing out at developers for one reason or another, it's always nice to read a story about those who go out of their way to show appreciation for those who make their favorite games.

And now, some enterprising fans of reddit have come together to purchase a billboard spot to thank the team for all their hard work.

And as you'd expect, Sean Murray is taken aback by all of this.

It's been a heck of a journey for No Man's Sky: From massive hype to major letdown, consumer complaints, feelings of abandonment, weird ARGs, big promises, more hype, and a slow, relentless effort to build the game into something resembling its early promise. By late September, its number of concurrent Steam users had dropped from 212,604 to fewer than 1,000 in just over a month.

After a rocky launch, No Man's Sky has been in a pretty good place for a while now thanks to the No Man's Sky Next update, which dramatically improved the game in numerous ways. The new features and graphical overhauls worked, and by July 2018 NMS had climbed into Steam's top 10, reaching 90,651 concurrent players and with its rating moving from Mixed to Very Positive.

According to the fundraiser page, the billboard is within walking distance of the developer's office in Guildford, England.

It'll apparently be there for a two week slot, starting on the 12th August. Through crowdfunding, the community has raised over $2000 over on GoFundMe at the time of writing. As for the rest of the cash, Cam G says he plans to use it to start a "charity drive" that will buy games and donate them to disadvantaged and sick children.

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