Pelosi is so 'done' with Trump, the 'diverter in chief'

Pelosi is so 'done' with Trump the 'diverter in chief'

Pelosi is so 'done' with Trump the 'diverter in chief'

Trump, in an interview with Fox News' Laura Ingraham, had called Pelosi "a nasty, vindictive, awful person".

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi slammed President Donald Trump.

Pelosi said on Tuesday she has decided not to fire back at the president and instead said she "doesn't even want to talk about him".

Pelosi declined to confirm recent media reports that she had told fellow Democrats that Trump should be in prison, rather than impeached, because of his behavior as outlined in U.S. Special Counsel Robert Mueller's report on Russian interference in the 2016 election and Trump's efforts to impede that probe.

"As we go down this path to seek the truth for the American people and to hold the president accountable, it has nothing to do with politics or any campaign", she said.

Tensions between Pelosi and Trump have escalated in the past week after Pelosi reportedly told Democratic leaders in private that she wants to see the President "in prison".

"When we have conversations in our caucus they stay in our caucus".

Pelosi repeated her previously expressed view that impeachment of Trump is "not off the table", but stopped short of saying whether she has an obligation to mount an impeachment inquiry. "This one borders on so totally unethical that he doesn't even realize it".

"So I just wasn't going to engage in that", Pelosi said on Thursday, "but I never do anyway, it's our practice".

"When you say that you will violate the law and take information from foreign powers - which is against the law - it shows you cannot be president because you can't faithfully execute the office which is the oath you take", the Tennessee Democrat said.

"I think the Mueller report very clearly spells out at least 10 or 11 instances of obstruction of justice, but I'm not here to have that discussion", she said at the event.

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