Power company asks Epic to remove utility poles from Fortnite

Snobby Shore house completely destroyed

Snobby Shore house completely destroyed

Fortnite World Cup will take place on July 26-28 in New York City.

The Fortbyte 19 Fortnite is available exclusively using the Skin Vega inside a building shaped like a spaceship(spaceship). So, where exactly is the spaceship building location?

First off, you'll need to make sure you've got the Vega skin equipped, otherwise you're not going to be able to get Fortbyte 19, regardless of whether you find the spaceship building that's hinted at in the clue. If you check the Battle Pass rewards, you'll see the Vega Outfit is unlockable at Battle Pass Tier 46. If you don't have it unlocked, consider checking out our weekly challenges cheat sheet.

The location of the building is just south of Shifty Shafts and North of Happy Hamlet. Like, how many times have you noticed a pedestrian casually carrying an RPG or driving into a vehicle wash to get rid of the cops? In an interview with Game Informer, Rod Fergusson, who worked at Epic Games for seven years before leaving in August 2012, said that he "would have cancelled" the battle royale early in its development.

The footprint leads in the direction of the ocean, where the monster can now be seen residing, although it is quite likely it will return to land at some point.

We are now halfway through Fortnite Season 9 as we enter the meatier side of Week 5, so you can rest assured that the Fortbytes system is also picking up. As long as you're wearing the Vega Outfit, you can search it and add it to your collection!

Edit or destroy the ramp and you'll reveal Fortbyte 19.

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