Vettel penalty decision turned F1 into a farce

Canadian GP 2019

Canadian GP 2019

Brawn hailed Vettel as the "star of the weekend" and could understand the four times champion's disappointment and frustration.

After getting out of his auto with his helmet still on and stomping back to his garage, Vettel then made his way to the post-race grid.

The team had given notice of their intention to appeal on Sunday, with Vettel leading from start to finish but losing out to Mercedes' championship leader Lewis Hamilton after the chequered flag.

The crowd cheered, as if witnessing a moral victory. "I gave everything I had today and more".

Hamilton was well over two seconds behind Vettel after his pit stop. Nine laps later, Vettel was given a five-second penalty for the incident, a decision which infuriated the German.

The Austrian - a former Benetton, McLaren and Williams F1 driver and two-time Le Mans victor - said he did not believe Vettel's actions should have incurred a penalty but praised the stewards for acting based on precedent. Vettel may not have got the win, but with this fiery show of spirit, and by accusing the system and not his rival, he scored an iconic visual goal-one that is bigger (and more exciting) than current Formula One.

His mistake was basic, unfair time penalty or not. He came back onto the track and almost hit Hamilton.

But amid the anger Vettel did have a point.

"I lost the rear of the auto so obviously it wasn't voluntarily going sailing across the track, not knowing how and in which fashion I would be rejoining", Vettel said.

Wurz said that, applying the rules to the letter, he believed it was "50-50" as to whether Vettel had committed an offence. He has not missed a race since making his debut in the sport. People want to see us race, and it was racing.

Lewis Hamilton standing on the top at a track where he's won several times in the past signified utter dominance from a statistical perspective. "I just wish I could be as good as I am. but in the old drivers' time".

"I don't feel sorry - this is a no-prisoners sport. It's not the one I fell in love with".

Vettel's teammate, Charles Leclerc, was third and Renault's Daniel Ricciardo, fourth in his best qualifying result this season.

The Ferrari driver was in the lead of the race when he ran wide at Turn 3 and rejoined on the exit of Turn 4 directly in front of Hamilton.

Hamilton immediately said over his radio it was a risky move by Vettel.

"I think that the drivers are gladiators in high-tech machines and we want them to fight it out there on track".

"It's bad for F1 anyway".

"I'm really, really grateful", Hamilton said.

"I still wanted to win the right way and overtake him on the track, so I was fighting until the finish line, but my tyres were gone".

"What looks to be a victory was a very tough weekend for the team behind the scenes", said Wolff.

Vettel resumed the lead with Hamilton second on lap 33.

"Having said that, I would emphatically add is that there is nothing sinister about a decision like this".

Vettel intervened quickly and told the crowd not to boo Hamilton, but to jeer the stewards' decision itself.

Mercedes have won the first seven rounds of the season and are running away with both championships while Ferrari have not won since the U.S. Grand Prix in October a year ago - a 10-race drought.

Once again, Vettel seemed to have the race under control only to lose his composure.

"The rest of the team executed everything impeccably giving us confidence back while also not forgetting errors made at the beginning of the season".

This time, the mistake was made on a bone-dry track and in ideal weather conditions.

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