'We Have Our Own Jackie O, It's Called Melania T'

Melania Trump's Best Looks

Melania Trump's Best Looks

He said that the current "baby blue" color for Air Force One "doesn't fit with us" noting that it was inspired by Jackie Kennedy.

Melania Trump, meanwhile, consistently tops her garrulous hubby in popularity polls by double-digit margins.

'We have our own Jackie O, it's called Melania, Melania T, ' the current president said during his interview on Fox and Friends earlier today.

Here's the thing about Jackie Onassis Kennedy: She was an extremely intelligent, compassionate woman who Trump probably thinks is just a fashion icon, and that Melania should be a part of that. "When I go and speak in front of these big crowds we have tremendous crowds and so many people are holding up banners that say 'we love our first lady'".

Queen Elizabeth's "people" said "she hasn't had so much fun in 25 years", said Trump.

Later in the day she turned up in news photographs wearing sneakers.

"The time the news said she walked in high heels to the Texas flood, she likes to look elegant (but) she carries sneakers" when she's out of the public eye, said Trump. She made White House events celebrations of American art, music and culture'. I'm sorry but when Melania Trump's claim to fame is that she wore a jacket saying that she doesn't care while going to visit suffering children, it is an insult to Jackie O and the entire Kennedy legacy to even say their names in the same breath. 'She's carrying sneakers from when she gets off!'

'People love her, ' he said of Melania. "But, you know, the people really do love the job the first lady's done".

"You know what? It's been a long time and it fits the plane better ... and I like the concept of red white and blue, and the classic", he said.

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