Tessa Thompson is OK with the 'Men in Black' title, for now

Image via Sony

Image via Sony

"Men in Black: International" lands in theaters on Friday. Even though the Fresh Prince doesn't appear onscreen in the latest installment, his legacy lives on in the form of the series's new star, Tessa Thompson, who plays the top-secret alien-hunting agency's newest recruit, Molly aka Agent M. So far, critics are unimpressed with what is being called an unnecessary shrug of a film. There's just all the stuff you recognize, assembled for you to notice and then not think about again for another 20 years. "You've only ever seen these films in the context of New York City. But the truth is, I think it's really significant", Thompson said. You get to see us in Morocco and London and Italy and Paris and then back in NY.

Referring to her character, Thompson adds, "Certainly, I think if Agent M sticks around the organization long enough, she will probably push some buttons to make change, and frankly, that's the only way that things change, is people on the inside that have a real stake, really calling the institutions out". "I'm not sure I would have known that I could do what I do if [he] hadn't been on television every week.or in this film originally".

Producers Walter Parkes and Laurie MacDonald also provided some additional context for fans wondering where Men In Black International fits into the timeline. You can go, 'I've got that, that's interesting.

Hemsworth, in London on June 3, said it was "good to just hit the ground running, know each other's rhythms, have the chemistry already, have someone you trust to kind of just improv with". And it's possible that Thompson's presence in Men in Black: International could achieve similar results for black actresses, who still are wildly underrepresented in major studio productions.

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