Google Pixel 4: Let The Leaks Begin

Google Pixel 3a XL

Google Pixel 3a XL

Like earlier models within the Pixel phone lineup, Google's upcoming Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL will provide a terrific pure Android experience and a class-leading digital camera.

Despite efforts to keep the specs of its prized Pixel flagship smartphone, Google is once again defied by a recent leak. The Google Pixel 4XL will "likely (be) between 6.2-inch and 6.4-inch display + roughly 160.4 x 75.2 x 8.2 mm (9.3 including rear camera bump)." .

As ever we'd take these leaks with a pinch of salt, especially as we haven't heard any other screen size or dimension rumors yet, but there are no red flags here. They needed to know that the first couple of years in the marketplace wouldn't destroy all opponents - therefore the much less-than-large advertising push for the Pixel 1 and a couple of, and perhaps even 3. Also, on the rear side, the Google Pixel 4 will be using a square camera module although it is not yet known how bumpy it is going to be, however, if it is resembling the Huawei Mate 20 Pro, then it should be okay with the users.

The small Pixel 4 will sport a 5.6-5.8” screen, up from Pixel 3s 5.5” screen.

The rivalry to Pixel 3 comes from Google itself in terms of Pixel 4, as the twitter account from Google added the following image of Pixel 4 with the caption. Google has, arguably at least, the best camera software on the market. The most interesting of this is the top part of the phone, which features quite an unusual camera configuration.

Google's Pixel Phone lineup got off to one thing of a rocky begin when it debuted back in 2016. It is also likely that Google might not follow the other phones out there by ditching on the curved glass back design which the users usually prefer owing to the comfortable hold. Following the release of the photo, many pointed out the minimalist design claiming that it looks classy and clean compared to previous iterations of the phone. B&H Photo now has the United States unlocked Google Pixel 3 XL with 64GB storage starting at $599.99, which is $300 off.

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