Qatar sends technical experts to Israel, eyes new Gaza power line

The temporary sewage pipe from Gaza into Israel

The temporary sewage pipe from Gaza into Israel

The Israel Institute of New Zealand has called for an immediate apology for the offending map, and confirmation that it does not reflect New Zealand government policy.

Foreign Affairs and Trade secretary Chris Seed said there would now be a checking procedure with Immigration New Zealand before maps are put up on their website.

The site, intended for possible Palestinian immigrants to New Zealand, also stated "2017 marks 50 years of Israel's occupation of the Palestinian territories and 10 years of its blockade on the Gaza Strip".

The area designated "Palestine" included the Gaza Strip but, strangely, not the West Bank.

Immigration New Zealand, an official government website, is reported to have published a fact sheet with a map of the Middle East that showed Palestine and East Jerusalem, but not Israel, according to The Times of Israel.

Incensed, the Israel Institute of New Zealand called for a retraction of the map.

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