Dota Underlords Has Already Beaten Artifact by Number of Players

Valve's 'Dota Underlords' open beta launches on Android, iOS and PC

Valve's 'Dota Underlords' open beta launches on Android, iOS and PC

The free-to-play flip-based completely approach game is Valve's model of the mod Dota Auto Chess, and making a game that's unprecedented more straightforward to play without spending money on new pieces is clearly working out. That put its fourth on the list, behind Dota 2, PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, and Counter Strike: Global Offensive. That said, it didn't help that Artifact was beset with negative press in the build up to its launch, while Underlords is hitting digital shelves as the Auto Chess genre is rising from obscure game mod to the next big thing.

The original creator of Dota Auto Chess and designer of its Epic Games Store-exclusive standalone version has begun detailing its esports plans for the title.

And since the Dota universe has so many heroes, even for Underlords, Valve will rotate certain heroes, items, and Alliances to make room for new additions that will allow the game to evolve and be more interesting even for Dota players. Finally, we do have to mention that you need a little bit of luck as well if you are to beat all the other players in the arena. There have been some higher profile endeavors for Dota Auto Chess including the Auto Chess All Star Invitational and the Twitch Rivals series, but neither has yet evolved beyond novelty. It's available now on Steam, Google Play and the iOS App Store, complete with cross-play so you can start a game on one platform and finish it on another.

Dota Underworlds is similar, and it landed on Steam Early Access a couple of days ago. "Join the Beta Season, with crossplay on PC and mobile", Valve explains.

While the reaction to Artifact has been disappointing, Valve seems to have a winning product on its hands with Dota Underworlds. Have many of you tried this game out yet?

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