Death Stranding Recreated As a PlayStation 1 Game, Gameplay Revealed

As a game of Kojima, Death Stranding is wrapped in a lot of mystery, so in this video, Sam has some visions about the infamous baby and the BTs, the ethereal monsters that end everything in their path.

Five minutes of 32-bit style gameplay, with unripe polygonal graphics, ballerina camera, retro soundtrack and in general a look taken from the classic PlayStation action games released in the late 90s.

What do you think of this job?

YouTube user Bearly Regal presented a video of how it would have looked and how Death Stranding would have been played if it had been released for PlayStation 1 in the 90s. The loading screen from one area to the next, despite the next area being mere feet away?

It's pretty darn good, and while it has a nostalgic feel to it, it's also pretty amusing.

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