Fake Samsung app with 10 million downloads charges for free firmware

Fake Samsung app with 10 million downloads charges for free firmware

Fake Samsung app with 10 million downloads charges for free firmware

According to the Google Play Store listing, the "Updates for Samsung" app promises firmware updates for Samsung devices. While Google's Play Store continues to hold a massive advantage over Apple's App Store in terms of the number of apps installed for the first time by its users, the Cupertino-based tech giant still reigns supreme when it comes to actual financial gains.

One of the smartest things that Samsung smartphones users can do is to keep their devices updated with the latest firmware from Samsung.

The fake Samsung app has been spotted by Malware Analyst Aleksejs Kuprins, who works for the CSIS Security Group.

In addition to presenting users with a mass of advertisements, the app is charging users to download these device firmware updates, which are freely available through official channels.

Not only that, but the website also convince users into making a payment for the updates.

Unsurprisingly, the App Store generated far more revenue than Google Play from games as well, but the latter's numbers grew by 16.8 percent to $12 billion, while Apple reached $17.6 billion after a much humbler 7.8 percent year-on-year progress. It's unclear how numerous more than 10 million installs listed on the app's page are authentic, but the number is likely very high. A user can feel a bit lost about the (system) update procedure. Google Says Potentially Harmful Android Apps on Google Play Declined by 31%.

"Updates for Samsung" users are given a free download option through the predatory app, but it was found to be limited to a very slow download speed that resulted in multiple hours of wait time for a single update. The app said to generate around $497 million from both App Store and Google Play Store. The app was taken down by Google now, but it clearly shows that Google Play Store is still not fully safe and secure for users. So, what do you think about this?

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