£48000 Pokemon Card Goes Missing in the Post

Flickr via Kristina

Flickr via Kristina

The rarer the card, the more it's worth. Given the card's rarity, it would be hard to resell at full value under normal circumstances.

eBay seller Pokemonplace sent Trainer No. 3 out Aramex, a third party company that then sends the package out to the person who bought the card. That was nearly a year ago but he still hasn't received it. That same card, sold through eBay, has turned up missing-or lost-in the mail.

YouTuber smpratte, a collector who specializes in trading cards, believes someone involved in the shipping process saw how much the card was insured for and stole it. "Both buyer and seller, I know both of them very well, they did everything they could to make this as above board and legitimate as possible". Aramex signed for a bulk lot from USPS that was supposed to include the card-but Aramax says Trainer No. 3 wasn't in the delivery, which included a medley of other items as well.

Do you have any valuable cards in your Pokemon TCG collection? According to smpratte, it was then shipped to NY - and then what happens next is anyone else's guess. I really do hope the thief is found, or in the best-case scenario, the postal service is able to find where exactly they misplaced the package. My guess is because of the huge declaration on the package, you had some scumbag XXX Roflmaster420 who saw that between their vape and they thought it was a good idea to steal it, so either you have absolute negligence and incompetence of the packages lost or you have the other side: "absolute lowlife scumbag who chose to steal this package", said the collector in a YouTube video.

The US Postal Service did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Pokemon cards selling for such a princely sum is rare, but not unheard of. For most collectors, there isn't a ton of value in those dusty sleeves, but the occasional rare, foil, or holo card can fetch a small fortune from the right buyer. It's not just a Pokemon thing: A Yu-Gi-Oh! card was put on sale in Japan previous year for $400,000.

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