Apple's iPhone will reportedly go notch-less next year

Apple iPhones could have smaller notch in 2020 no notch by 2021 Report

Apple iPhones could have smaller notch in 2020 no notch by 2021 Report

Since, the TrueDepth sensor takes up most of the space within the notch in the current lineup of iPhones. This also seems to point to a notch-less iPhone in 2020. With the Trump administration continuing to play hardball on the issue, Apple is reportedly looking to move between 15-30 percent of its iPhone production outside of China to hedge its risks going forward. Because there are sensors for selfies and face recognition at the front, iPhones still have a small notch at the top of the screen.

According to a report by Chinese publication MyDrivers, the Credit Suisse investor note corroborates Kuo's claims and adds that by next year, the Cupertino, California-based company will also have at least one new iPhone without notch. Kuo claims that Apple will release one notchless iPhone in 2020.

Instead, the analysts predict the first notch-free iPhone will come in 2020, with the iPhone 12 series - but not all of them. The iPhone 11 phones coming in mid-September are all expected to feature the same display design as the iPhone XS and XR phones, notch included.

Apple could possibly be working to at first shrink and then totally remove the notch from the front of their iPhone over the next few years. Apple could also change the screen sizes of its new iPhones in 2020, according to Kuo's previous predictions. The phones are said to sport under-screen front cameras and full-screen acoustic fingerprint authentication, which is likely a version of Touch ID that would work anywhere on the iPhone's display. However, Oppo and Xiaomi have demonstrated under-display cameras already, with Oppo saying it'll be in a handset soon. It's about time Apple shifts away from the notch which debuted way back in 2017; which is a lifetime ago in the tech world. But this year we are seeing many smartphones with designs from edge to edge thanks to camera mechanisms emerge. Earlier this week, Apple released an ad touting Face ID as a much better option than Touch ID.

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