Himalayan climbers last moments caught on camera before deadly avalanche

The Indo Tibetan Border Police dispatched a unit to recover the bodies of the climbers

The Indo Tibetan Border Police dispatched a unit to recover the bodies of the climbers

The Indo-Tibetan-border police (ITBP) has released a video clip showing "last moments" of the eight mountaineers killed on way to the Nanda Devi East Peak peak in Uttarakhand in May.

The eight-membered team comprised of John McLaren, Richard Payne, Rupert Havel (all from the UK), Ruth Macrain (Australia), Anthony Sudekum (US), Rachel Bimmel (US) and a liaison officer from the Indian Mountaineering Foundation Chetan Pandey.

The eighth climber remains missing after the search was suspended due to harsh weather.

The clip is now being used to help "analyse what went wrong with their mission".

"The GoPro modified into as soon as proved to be admire the sad box of an plane giving an perception into the old couple of moments of the climbers, ITBP deputy inspector customary A.P.S. Nambadia acknowledged at a press briefing".

The mountaineers, led by veteran British climber Martin Moran, had set out to reach the top of an unclimbed, unnamed 21,250-foot ridge, but lost contact with their base camp after an avalanche swept through a section of the mountain.

"Suddenly we notice a loud noise". A recently recovered GoPro footage shows what could have been their last minutes before the tragic event.

Nambadia said the operation to find the bodies at an altitude of 6100 metres had been "extremely challenging".

However, the video ended with a minor thud, a sound that the ITBP officials said could be of an avalanche or snow storm that claimed their lives.

Four other climbers who separated from the group were rescued on June 2.

Team leader Ratan Singh Sonal said, "We found a broken helmet and a camera attached to it".

Nambadia said the exhausted rescue team nearly cracked emotionally when they found the climbers' belongings such as a toy penguin.

"It was a first of its kind and daring rescue operation undertaken by our men", said Vivek Kumar Pandey, the spokesperson of ITBP, while releasing the last visuals of the team of mountaineers near the summit.

'They were emotionally charged when they found the baby penguin.

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