Rallies protest South Korea 'dog meat day'

American actress Kim Basinger center holds a model of the slaughtered dogs

American actress Kim Basinger center holds a model of the slaughtered dogs

One animal rights activist holds a dead puppy outside South Korea's Parliament in the capital Seoul Friday, calling for an end to the dog meat industry.

There are no reports of violence.

South Korean animal rights activists hold placards during a protest against the dog meat trade in front of the National Assembly in Seoul on July 12, 2019.

The two protests took place on what is the first of the summer's three hottest "dog days", as dictated by South Korean folk belief.

"They do not need your tears, they need your help", Basinger said of the dogs.

Dozens of policemen separate these two sharply contrasting faces of South Korea - evocative images of a decades-old practice of farming dogs for human consumption.

"Dog meat itself is a chunk of collagen, which is good for the skin and makes one a attractive woman", the farmers' leaflet said, adding that it is also good for the health of the elderly. Humane Society International, an animal welfare activist group, estimates there are 17,000 remaining dog meat farms in South Korea. Pets are growing in popularity, and a survey last year indicated that about 80% of South Koreans had not eaten dog meat in the previous year.

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