Venezuela's govt. and opposition to hold talks

Venezuela's Juan Guaido to Resume Talks With Nicolas Maduro’s Regime

Venezuela's Juan Guaido to Resume Talks With Nicolas Maduro’s Regime

Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro has expressed optimism about renewed negotiations between his government and the Venezuelan opposition in Barbados.

Since Juan Guaido declared himself interim president of Venezuela on January 23, the US and about 50 of its allies recognize Guaido as the legitimate leader of Venezuela.

Maduro was very hopeful saying that, today they had a five-hour session, and I think that step by step, with strategic patience, we can find a path to peace.

He commented that his six-point agenda - which Mr Maduro is keeping close to his chest - has "the whole country in mind".

On Sunday, opposition leader Juan Guaido's office announced they would take part in fresh talks with the delegation of Maduro's government in Barbados, following a two-round talks in Oslo last May which brought no results.

The suspicious death of retired naval officer Rafael Acosta Arevalo had sparked worldwide condemnation.

Shifting from his earlier position to refuse talks with the government, Guaido said that he is ready for the dialogue to end Maduro's dictatorship.

He said: "A violent solution could generate a loss of governance even for a new government". The talks come amid a profound economic and humanitarian crisis in the country, where hardship has made life untenable for many Venezuelans with basic needs, such as food and medicine, hard to come by.

Along with the negotiations in Barbados, Guaido had a closed-door meeting on Monday in the capital Caracas with Enrique Iglesias, the European Union's special advisor for Venezuela.

"I am confident if we continue working in accordance with this agenda, and if there is no interference from the gringos, we will be able to reach agreements for the benefit of Venezuela", Nicolas Maduro told a press conference broadcast live on Periscope.

Iglesias later met Venezuelan Vice President Delcy Rodriguez.

The Venezuelan government and opposition have agreed to meet again for talks to overcome the political crisis in the South American nation.

Guaido in January invoked the constitution to assume a rival presidency after dismissing Maduro's 2018 re-election as a fraud.

"Our goal is the same: to achieve a definitive solution to the crisis in our country", Guaido said via Twitter.

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