Fortnite may be banned in another country over ‘negative impacts’

PUBG was banned in Jordan man defies government

PUBG was banned in Jordan man defies government

The TRC then made a decision to ban the game after it reviewed a study of the World Health Organization, which classified PUBG as a violent game that leads to addiction and social isolation.

A photo circulated on social media platforms showing the man playing the game while standing in front of the Telecommunications Regulatory Commission (TRC) although it was banned.

According to them more "violent games" are being checked and the appropriate solution will be taken for them (mostly banning them).

The TRC's Director of Beneficiaries Affairs Eng. Mohammad AlWathiq Shaqrah told local news agency Roya News that officials are considering a ban against another six games with Fortnite at the top of the list. Many countries have banned the game arguing it to be too violent for kids and teenagers which might cause harm to the mentally and sometimes physically.

World Health Organization has recently announced a newly classified "gaming disorder", which they then added to the 11th Revision of the International Classification of Diseases.

TRC issued a statement explaining that the Commission received complaints from a large number of citizens and concerned authorities about the adverse effects of this game.

Jordan has announced that they are considering a ban against six other video games with Fortnite at the top of the pecking order, and the impending exile is now viewed as a matter of when rather than if. But in some, the game is still banned such as in China (mostly because of non-licensing of microtransaction and due availability of state-approved clone version of PUBG by TenCent) and Iran (government claims the game is a national security risk).

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