Girl licks medical equipment before putting it back at doctor's office

Felony charges for mom who recorded daughter licking tongue depressor at medical center

Felony charges for mom who recorded daughter licking tongue depressor at medical center

On Tuesday video surfaced that appeared to show her daughter licking the tongue depressor then putting it back with other supplies at a Jacksonville doctor's office. She is scheduled to appear in court Friday morning.

Cori E. Ward, 30, faces up to 30 years in prison if she is found guilty of tampering with consumer products without regard for possible death/bodily injury, according to the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office. That investigation led to Ward's arrest, who insisted she was "just being silly" with her children.

In the aftermath of the clip going viral, Ward was vilified and received death threats, WJAX reported. "Our internal investigation does not reveal any resulting risks or harm to patients from this action".

Ward told another outlet that when she filmed the video she wasn't thinking.

In an attempt to defend herself, Ward took to Facebook to make a statement about the video, but because of public outrage and backlash on social media, Ward's explanation and entire Facebook account has apparently been deleted, WLTV reports. The hospital confirmed that the video depicts her room for inspection.

"I was completely surprised and shocked that she would even put something like that out there to be seen", he said. "I'm very embarrassed", he said.

They released the following statement: "We were notified yesterday that a patient had violated our trust with behavior that is inconsistent with the practices and standards that we uphold and expect at our facility".

Many people believed the video to be a part of a disturbing trend in which people are licking food and objects before placing them back on shelves and posting the videos on social media. "Each year, we serve thousands of patients, and providing quality care and ensuring their safety is our top priority".

Blue Bell said the container was found and removed.

The incident comes amid a rash of similar cases that have gone viral on social media.

A man from Louisiana was arrested recently after he was videotaped when he was licking ice cream in the grocery store before putting it back in the fridge.

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