CNN reporter invites Gorka to take it outside at White House summit

Former Trump adviser Sebastian Gorka confronts reporter Brian Karem in the White House Rose Garden

Former Trump adviser Sebastian Gorka confronts reporter Brian Karem in the White House Rose Garden

"Hey- just for the record, he'd kick your punk ass", Jim Hanson, who captured the moment, shouted to Karem.

Karem had said that the assembled crowd was "prone to demonic possession", according to Sofia Carbone of Human Events. That's when Gorka reacts and hustles over to confront Karem, who folds his arms in front of him.

In response, Gorka yelled back, "And you're a journalist, right?"

Seconds later, as Gorka departs, a woman says: "You should not be attacking journalists like this".

"Gorka Wins Big, no contest", Trump tweeted.

Video shared by Aaron Rupar of the liberal outlet Vox shows only Gorka shouting at Karem, and describes the British-born Hungarian-American as a "fascist", blaming the incident on Trump.

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"Go home", said Karem.

The fight did not end there.

Project Veritas head James O'Keefe was also seen telling Karem, "I'm on the same team as you". "You're threatening me now, at the White House?". We're both journalists. We're both investigative reporters. Karem was not having it and took issue with her self-description as a citizen journalist.

"When you have a staff of people that verify your facts, then you can call yourself a reporter", he said. "Label yourself as an opinion".

New York Times White House correspondent Katie Rogers posted videos of the altercation on her social media account.

"I do. And when I write a feature it's labeled 'news, '" Karem claimed.

As Morris' video shows, Karem prompted Gorka's actions by taunting the social media figures. "These people are not journalists".

"They're punks and political saboteurs", he added.

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