Impossible Foods Is Developing Plant-Based Fish Products

Tim Hortons Has a Secret Menu With 2 New Vegan Beyond Meat Burgers

Tim Hortons Has a Secret Menu With 2 New Vegan Beyond Meat Burgers

The Times reports that Impossible has been working on developing alternatives to fish and other seafood through plant-based recipes or by growing cells in laboratories. To recreate the seafood flavor, Brown said the company uses heme, a protein also seen in their meat formula.

As noted by The New York Times, Impossible Foods is now developing faux fish using the same heme protein used in its faux beef.

In recent years, brands like Impossible Foods and Beyond Meat - the leaders in the faux meat market - have succeeded in scoring premium shelf space in mainstream grocery stores and fast food restaurant chains, including A&W Canada, Tim Hortons and most recently, Burger King with their plant-based meat. Pat Brown, the company's chief executive officer, told the outlet that it's now being used to make paella, but that it could also be used to make Caesar dressing.

Brown said Impossible was able to concoct a plant-based broth last month that tasted like anchovies and was used to make paella.

Upon introducing the Impossible Burger, the company made it clear that its mission was to eliminate meat from diets in the hopes of helping save the environment.

Brown is well aware of the fishing industry's unsustainable nature, and that's why he chose fish as Impossible's second product.

Wild, I know. But not in the "caught fresh from the lake"-type of wild, obviously".

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