United Kingdom envoy said Trump ditched Iran nuclear deal to spite Obama

UK police investigate Kim Darroch cables - CNN

UK police investigate Kim Darroch cables - CNN

Diplomatic communications leaked to the Daily Mail newspaper last Sunday revealed the UK's envoy in Washington criticizing the Trump Administration and describing the Donald Trump as "inept" and "incompetent".

Former chancellor George Osborne has criticised Scotland Yard for encroaching on press freedom by launching a criminal investigation into the leak of diplomatic dispatches sent by Britain's U.S. ambassador Sir Kim Darroch.

A criminal investigation into the leak was launched by the Met Police Counter Terrorism Command, which takes national responsibility for investigating allegations of criminal breaches of the Official Secrets Act.

Iran has been scathing in its criticism of Trump's decision to pull out of the deal and the subsequent decisions to impose tough sanctions.

Journalists are not above the law, but it is understood "in a free, liberal and democratic society" that the media "should be free to report on leaked documents that they believe are in the public interest", says Ian Murray, executive director of the Society of Editors.

Asked in Friday's interview if he would be "as craven" a prime minister as he has been a candidate, Johnson said: "We have been very forthright with the United States of America and I will continue to be forthright".

Boris Johnson, frontrunner in that race, has been heavily criticised by lawmakers in his own party and the opposition for failing to defend the ambassador.

Basu addressed the person responsible for the leak directly, saying: "The impact of what you have done is obvious".

"They think they know who did the leaking", a government source told the paper. You can stop this now. "Turn yourself in at the earliest opportunity, explain yourself and face the consequences", Basu's statement read.

The Mail on Sunday, which first obtained the trove of leaked memos, has not faced any legal repercussions for its decision to publish.

The British government had opened its own inquiry into the leaks this week and noted it had involved the police to ascertain whether any documents protected by the Official Secrets Act had been shared.

The memos said rumours of "infighting and chaos" in the White House were mostly true. He described the situation as "the worst breach of trust in our service in my career".

Earlier this week, Trump said the United States will "substantially" increase sanctions on the Iranian government in the latest escalation in his administration's "maximum pressure campaign" against the country. "The basis on which we have worked all our careers suddenly feels as if it is challenged".

It comes as Boris Johnson, front runner to be Britain's next prime minister, denied he was responsible for the resignation of Darroch but admitted his comments had been a factor in the shock departure of one of the country's most senior diplomats.

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