White man denies saying 'Go back where you came from'

Black Lawmaker Accosted

Black Lawmaker Accosted

So she chose to confront him. He says: "'you're ignorant, ' and it hurt me so bad", Thomas said, choking up. "I don't understand", Thomas continued. She wanted to say more to this person, but "I couldn't get anything out".

Thomas said a store employee at some point approached the man and told him to leave. Why are you so angry at me?

'Is it on video?' Sparkes challenged her.

Thomas, an African American woman who has represented Georgia's 39th District, located just west of Atlanta, since being elected in 2014, first shared her story of the incident Friday afternoon in a Facebook live video, where she tearfully recalled the events.

The alleged verbal onslaught began, Thomas said, because the man was upset that she had 15 items while checking out in the 10 items of less line.

In a tearful Facebook video posted on Friday, Thomas said she had been in the express line at the store because she was nine months pregnant and could not stand for long. And this white man comes up to me and says, 'You lazy sonofabitch. I'm not lazy. I'm nine months pregnant'. Thomas later wrote that she was "verbally assaulted in the grocery store by a white man".

Thomas' video went viral on Twitter, along with the hashtag #IStandWithErica.

'My child is just sitting there. Thomas never mentions Trump's name but says, "There's so much hate in this world and it's being incited by our president every single day".

"He ran up on me and just verbally assaulted me", she said in the AP interview. I feared for my life! For her political purposes, make it black, white, brown, whatever. "You need to go back where you came from, '" Thomas said.

In Thomas' video, she alludes to Trump's attacks on Omar.

He denied making any racially charged comment, adding, "I am Cuban".

In a statement, Publix has said the company is 'cooperating with local law enforcement as they look into the matter'. Former Rep. Beto O'Rourke, D-Texas, wrote, "Erica, thank you for serving your state and thanks to your husband for serving our country".

When she tried to explain that she was pregnant, Thomas said the man told her she was "ignorant".

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