Iran warns West against starting conflict, says not looking for confrontation

Qatar urges restraint over tension in Strait of Hormuz

Qatar urges restraint over tension in Strait of Hormuz

Hunt surprised some lawmakers by refraining from imposing sanctions on Iran for seizing the British-flagged and Swedish-owned Stena Impero. This would have confirmed "the British desire for de-escalation", said Hunt on Twitter.

The foreign secretary secured support for the initiative from both French and German foreign ministers on the phone on Sunday evening, the BBC has been told. And the US military says it's still working on it. And it should have known what the response was going to be (the 2007 HMS Cornwall incident is a good example of the way the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps navy operates) and put in place unilateral or multilateral measures created to limit the ability of the Iranians to undertake the inevitable retaliation.

Britain's Foreign Secretary and Conservative Party leadership candidate Jeremy Hunt is seen outside Downing Street in London, Britain, July 22, 2019.

Asked if Britain could introduce new sanctions or freeze Iranian assets, Finance Minister Philip Hammond told BBC television: "We have already got a wide raft of sanctions against Iran, particularly financial sanctions, so it is not clear that there are immediate things we can do, but we are of course looking at all the options".

Mr Hall thinks this is partly because the market - which dictates the price of oil - has exhausted of "threats and bluster" from US President Donald Trump against Iran that never go any further.

It was Britain's third Emergencies Committee meeting since Iran seized the Stena Impero tanker last Friday, in what London told the United Nations Security Council was an illegal move conducted in Omani waters.

Britain plans to take further measures this week, Mr Hunt said in another statement, without giving details.

"The responsibility. falls to the United Kingdom to take care of their ships", Pompeo said when asked about any possible US role in the dispute.

Iran does not seek confrontation with Britain amid a row over seized tanker ships, foreign minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said Monday in a message directed at the presumed incoming prime minister, Boris Johnson. In a dramatic escalation of tensions, the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps seized the Stena Impero with its crew - 18 Indians, including the captain, three Russians, a Latvian and a Filipino - on Friday in the strategic Strait of Hormuz. May's spokesman said the high volume of ships moving through the Strait of Hormuz "makes it impossible to escort vessels individually".

"Freedom of navigation is a vital interest of every nation", he said. Germany called on Tehran "strongly", the "Stena Impero" and your crew "immediately release".

"They don't know whether they're coming or going", he said.

But the official spokesperson for outgoing British Prime Minister Theresa May, James Slack, denied cuts have made the Royal Navy too small. "If we are wanting to continue to play this influential role on the worldwide stage, it will require further funding for our armed forces, not least the Royal Navy".

Nonetheless, resource-limited or not, former British military chiefs say more could have been done to prevent an Iranian seizure.

"Many of the European corporations and businessmen are avoiding having or buying Iranian oil, because they are afraid of the sanctions".

A detachment of Royal Marines from 42 Commando boarded the vessel off Gibraltar in a joint operation with the Royal Gibraltar Police.

"We strike the Iranians hundreds of times in Syria".

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