Trump denounces white supremacy after shootings, cites video games and internet

President Trump speaks about the mass shootings in El Paso Texas and Dayton Ohio in the Diplomatic Reception Room of the White House on Monday

President Trump speaks about the mass shootings in El Paso Texas and Dayton Ohio in the Diplomatic Reception Room of the White House on Monday

President Barack Obama has called on lawmakers to take action after a weekend that saw two separate mass shootings in El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio which left 31 people dead and scores more injured.

Obama criticized the position of elected officials and members of the public who maintain that stricter gun laws will not stop a person determined to carry out mass violence, saying common sense measures can help prevent some killings and "save some families from heartbreak". Police in El Paso cited a racist, anti-immigrant manifesto posted online shortly before the shooting, which they attributed to the suspect, Patrick Crusius.

On Saturday, several Mexican citizens were among the 21 people killed at a Walmart by a man who drove from his home in Allen, Texas, 660 miles (1,062 km) away, to El Paso, authorities said. He didn't specify which leaders he was talking about. In his remarks at the White House, however, he did not mention immigration.

Urging Americans to heed the lessons of the past, Obama stressed that there must be a broad acknowledgment that racist language has "been at the root of most human tragedy throughout history, here in America and around the world".

Such language, Obama said, "has no place in our politics and our public life". "And it's time for the overwhelming majority of Americans of goodwill, of every race and faith and political party, to say as much - clearly and unequivocally".

Trump has been accused by his opponents of helping to stir up resentment against ethnic minority groups with his divisive rhetoric, and some locals in El Paso - which has a mainly Hispanic population - have said that the president would not be welcome.

Candles burn as part of a memorial at the scene of Sunday morning's mass shooting in Dayton, Ohio, U.S. August 5, 2019. In 2017, he said the "toughest day" of his tenure was when he met with the families of the victims of the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School in CT in 2012.

US Congressman Eliot Engel in a tweet on Monday said that Trump can not say Americans need to condemn hatred and racism "while simultaneously stoking hatred and racism for political gain". The NRA, however, is in disarray, with allegations of corruption and a power struggle at the top of the organization rocking the gun lobbying group over the past year.

"We must recognize that the internet has provided a unsafe avenue to radicalize disturbed minds and perform demented acts", Trump said.

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