Donald Trump said he’s going to do ‘something’ about hate groups

Trump asked if rhetoric emboldens white nationalists

Trump asked if rhetoric emboldens white nationalists

President Donald Trump is planning to visit two communities on Wednesday, Aug. 7, 2019 that were involved into two mass shootings this past weekend. The murders sent shockwaves across the country, as just 13 hours earlier on Saturday in El Paso, 22 people were killed at a Walmart. Also, according to the Washington Post, a number of survivors wouldn't meet with Trump, which isn't surprising.

Protesters gathered in the streets, watched by armed police.

Trump bizarrely lashed out at both Democrats on Twitter immediately after leaving Dayton, accusing them of misrepresenting his visit.

The White House didn't let journalists to into the meeting between Trump and the victims' families, and Trump mostly kept out of the public eye while in El Paso.

Then after praising the "heroes" who confronted the killers, Trump used his one appearance before the cameras to reignite his feud with opponents who accuse him of racism and who had argued against him visiting either OH or Texas.

US Senator Sherrod Brown, a Democrat from OH, said he urged Trump to call Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to bring the Senate back from recess and asked Trump to pledge to sign a background-check bill. But they also can't have it both ways: If Trump is to responsible for El Paso, then Democrats are responsible for Dayton.

FBI Director Christopher Wray, said: "On behalf of the FBI, I offer honest condolences to the victims, families, and communities affected by this weekend's violence, and we stand by them during this hard time".

"I know that it's hard that this terrorist wrote the same words that he was coming to El Paso to kill Hispanics because of the 'invasion of Hispanics, '" Garcia shouted. "Tremendous enthusiasm & even love". They all blamed him and I want to name and shame them now because he did not respond in kind.

The president and first lady Melania Trump flew to El Paso, Texas, Wednesday afternoon after visiting the Dayton, Ohio, hospital where numerous victims of Sunday's attack in that city were treated.

The issue of who had the bigger crowd on that February day has been a frequent matter of concern for Trump.

We knew Trump's condemnations of white supremacy weren't honest. "He is president of the United States".

President Trump spoke out on racism and hatred following the shootings but has been accused of stoking the same sentiments he sought to condemn. It admonished Mr Trump for calling El Paso one of the country's most unsafe cities in his State of the Union address.

The killer deliberately sought out the city, claiming to be stopping an "invasion" of illegal migrants - a term popularized by Trump repeatedly in campaign speeches. Warren hasn't commented on how the alleged Dayton, Ohio, shooter supported her bid for president.

Those running for president in 2020 called the president a white nationalist.

Trump declared the speech "Sooo Boring!" and warned that "The LameStream Media will die in the ratings and clicks" if Biden wins. Meanwhile, more than 200 mayors, including two affected by the shootings in Texas and OH, are urging senators to act on gun safety legislation amid criticism that Congress is failing to respond.

Where Trump and his mostly leftist opponents agree is on the unambiguous designation of the two events as terrorism.

"I was here three months ago", Trump is seen telling a group of what appear to be first responders and other officials at University Medical Center in the video.

Trump also dismissed calls for legislation to ban assault rifles as politically unfeasible, saying he wanted to strengthen background checks for gun purchases and make sure mentally ill people did not carry guns.

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