German environment minister working on laws to ban plastic bags

BdW Global Ideas Philippinen Umweltverschmutzung in Obando

BdW Global Ideas Philippinen Umweltverschmutzung in Obando

Environment Minister Svenja Schulze said Saturday she was freezing about 35 million euros ($39.6 million) earmarked for biodiversity projects in Brazil because of the South American country's alleged lack of commitment to curbing logging in the Amazon, a key absorber of greenhouse gases.

"My ministry is now working on the legal regulations for a plastic bag ban", Schulze told the Sunday edition of the Bild newspaper. The report did not say when the draft laws would be completed.

'The country does not need this, ' Bolsonaro told reporters in relation to Germany's decision to suspend cooperation projects to recover the Amazonia. She is setting her sights on the packaging of foodstuffs as well. But the Social Democrat might run into problems, since the expected successor to Chancellor Angela Merkel, conservative Christian Democratic Union leader Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer, said she wants to give retailers' voluntary reductions a chance first.

Could a ban work?

Topics related to climate and environmental protection have exploded onto the German political scene. Furthermore, recent polls have placed the Greens at the forefront of the German political landscape with support ranging between 23 and 25%.

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