Mojang Cancels The Super Duper Graphics Pack For Minecraft

Microsoft Just Made All Your Minecraft Dreams Come True

Microsoft Just Made All Your Minecraft Dreams Come True

Called the Super Duper Graphics Pack, the update would significantly improve the visual assets of the game and add a new dimension to the blocky universe. The news also came with the latest update for the game, which included dozens of brand new features and changes to the base game, which has been out for nearly a decade.

When it didn't drop in 2017, it was delayed until 2018, but never came, and fans were left wondering when they would be getting it. That makes sense, since Mojang is a Microsoft property, but it was later revealed the pack was confirmed for many platforms.

The company says that the "ambitious initiative" has "proved too technically demanding to implement as planned". The problem was that the graphics did not work well on all the different devices that now use Minecraft.

The project looked almost too good to be true, and after nearly two years of waiting developer Mojang has finally announced that it was ceasing all development on the Super Duper Graphics Pack. That said, there's no telling how long it will be before they end up creating the DLC and releasing it to audiences. The Super Duper Graphics Pack would have run in 4K on the Xbox One X - a big deal since Minecraft is the only first-party Microsoft game that doesn't have upgrades for the console.

If Minecraft was just a PC game, then this would be a unusual decision indeed. "We're looking into different options with our Render Dragon graphics engine, and will have more to share soon". However, you can play the game on such a wide-range of hardware, all of which have very different hardware and levels of performance, that attempting to get Minecraft looking "super duper" on all of them was always going to prove very hard.

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