That Jack Black/Jack White collaboration is officially happening!

Watch Jack White and Jack Black Hang Out at Third Man Records

Watch Jack White and Jack Black Hang Out at Third Man Records

Most rockers are well aware that Black connected with the yin to his last name's yang, Jack White, who Black's band Tenacious D joked was a new roadie for the band.

In the hugely entertaining 17-minute video, Black and Kyle Gass get up to a whole lot of things, including visiting White's fabled Third Man Records stronghold in Nashville, Tennessee, where they record music with him.

"And me and Kage [Kyle Gass] have been working on a jam, but it's not quite done".

Though Black and Gass apparently couldn't film inside the gates of White's estate, Black assured his viewers that the inside was filled with interesting artifacts, as one might imagine Jack White's house containing. "That's what we're hoping anyways", Jack Black explains while on the way to White's home studio.

The band posted a photograph of the trio, with White holding up a Tenacious D t-shit.

Talking about the exciting news, the School of Rock star says: "We're heading over to Jack White's house to record a single".

In June, Jack and Jack met at Heathrow Airport in London and shared a picture of the coincidental meeting on Tenacious D's Instagram, writing: "We hired a new merch guy".

Sadly, they weren't going to give everything away, and no footage was released from the recording, so we will just have to wait a little while longer to find out what they've cooked up.

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