50 old TVs mysteriously appear on neighborhood's porches

Video shows figures leaving vintage TVs on Henrico front porches

Video shows figures leaving vintage TVs on Henrico front porches

Then, he simply sets the TV down and walks away.

On Sunday, Henrico County Police officers spent hours driving around various neighborhoods collecting vintage cathode ray tube TVs that were delivered earlier that morning by what police believe to be a group of several individuals wearing televisions as helmets.

Just like Santa Claus, except this is the worst kind of Santa Claus because the TVs he leaves behind are old.

"We got an old tube-style TV, 13-inch", Brooksbank told local TV station WTVR. I don't know, ' Brooksbank said.

Thanks to the fact that it is 2019 and apparently people have smart doorbells with cameras in them, the culprits were caught on video multiple times - although, if anything, the footage just makes this even more mysterious.

Police ask that anyone with information, or notices suspicious activity, to call Henrico County Police at 804-501-5000.

The is the second time old TV sets have been dropped off at residents homes.

There is perhaps no better way to sum up a weird prank that played out in a Virginia neighbourhood last weekend than those words from resident Jim Brooksbank. Henrico Police were alerted to the situation, and reviewed security footage before ultimately determining that it's a silly prank targeting nobody in particular.

While Brooksbank said he found some comedy in the seemingly random delivery, he also found it a little pointless.

The police department and county workers collected over 50 TVs so the residents would not have to take the televisions and pay $3 to dispose of them at the dump. "I can't think of any technology or political point that would be valid here. Some college students who are just bored".

"It's summer, and people are getting ready to go back to school", Brooksbank said.

Despite the oddity, it's unclear whether any crimes have actually been committed.

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