National Grid faces inquiry into power cut that hit 1m

Blackout investigation after failure at Bedfordshire power station

Blackout investigation after failure at Bedfordshire power station

He said the grid operator would need to "reflect seriously" on to what degree the issues causing the outages sat with National Grid, and to what extent those issues involved both the firm's electricity transmission business (NGET) and its electricity system operator function (NG ESO).

A Bedfordshire power station is believed to be at the centre of a major power cut across chunks of the United Kingdom on Friday.

"I will also be commissioning the Government's Energy Emergencies Executive Committee to consider the incident".

In an open post published via social networking site LinkedIn, Pettigrew also said that that National Grid's preliminary findings from an investigation into the stress event would be with industry regulator Ofgem by the end of the week.

Pettigrew was however quick to dismiss reports suggesting that a cyber attack was to blame, stressing that National Grid is "certain" it was the result of a "freak coincidence" and not an attack on grid infrastructure.

According to Professor Tim Green, co-director of the Energy Futures Laboratory at Imperial College London, the first generator to disconnect on Friday was a gas-fired plant at Little Barford in Bedfordshire at 4.58pm.

Two minutes later the Hornsea Offshore wind farm also failed.

Speaking to the BBC, he explained that automatic processes triggered by the loss of the two generators had temporarily disconnected electrical demand across the country to "help keep the rest of the system safe".

Mr Burt said the power cut had "nothing" to do with changes in wind speed or the variability of wind.

National Grid power was restored by 5.40pm but there was a knock-on effect for some train services, which continued to be disrupted into Saturday.

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