Recalled 15-inch MacBook Pros banned on flights for fire risk

Recalled 15-inch MacBook Pros banned on flights for fire risk

Recalled 15-inch MacBook Pros banned on flights for fire risk

If you get a match, follow the instructions lower down on the page to find the nearest Apple Store or authorized fix shop, or arrange to mail your laptop to Apple, for the battery replacement. These MacBooks have a battery issue that can cause them to catch fire.

A 2015-2017 MacBook Pro with a defective battery looks exactly the same from the outside as one that does not, and according to Bloomberg, a Canadian notice in June estimated that only a limited number of laptops were recalled - around 458,000 sold in the USA and Canada combined.

Potential battery fires force Apple to recall 2015 15-inch MacBook Pros Laptops labelled mid-2015 to be sent away for a fortnight.

Back on June 20, Apple announced a voluntary recall of some 15-inch MacBook Pros sold between September 2015 and February 2017.

This week, the ban was implemented by four airlines with cargo operations by Total Cargo Expertise (TCE). Laptops that have replaced batteries won't be impacted, the spokesperson said.

"RECALLED BATTERIES AND DEVICES: Lithium batteries recalled by the manufacturer/vendor must not be carried aboard aircraft or packed in baggage", the FAA states.

'Customer safety is always Apple's top priority, and we have voluntarily chose to replace affected batteries, free of charge, ' Apple said in a June statement. The company's recall page allows users to type in the serial number of their computer to see if it's part of this program.

The FAA linked to the news of the Apple recall in that tweet.

TUI Group told Bloomberg that it will begin making announcements about the prohibition on shipping the MacBook Pros as cargo before flights.

On top of this, once a battery has exploded, the ignition of a mixture of gases could ultimately spread fire and gases from the cargo compartment to occupied areas of the plane. "In early July, we alerted airlines about the recall, and we informed the public", the FAA said in an emailed statement.

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