Risks of no-deal Brexit can be managed by government, says Rudd

John Bercow Boris Johnson

John Bercow Boris Johnson

Amber Rudd has said she believes the risks of a no-deal Brexit are no more than a challenge that can be countered by government action, going back on her previous assessment in which she said it would cause "generational damage" to the UK. "A general election looks increasingly likely".

The work and pensions secretary, who kept her job when Boris Johnson became prime minister by renouncing her previously resolute opposition to no deal, said she still believed this would be much less preferable than a managed Brexit.

Johnson has said Britain will leave the world's biggest trading bloc on Halloween, whether it has a divorce agreement or not, but a majority of lawmakers oppose that.

Many of those who voted against Theresa May's Brexit deal had concerns over the backstop - created to guarantee there will not be a hard Irish border after Brexit - which if implemented, would see Northern Ireland staying aligned to some rules of the European Union single market.

They said they were "alarmed by the "Red Lines" you have drawn which, on the face of it appear to eliminate the chance of reaching agreement with the EU". To succeed they will need to persuade Conservatives like Hammond to vote against the government.

They have been investigating what parliamentary procedures can be used to prevent a no-deal Brexit, and in July backed proposals to make it harder for Johnson to do that.

Speaking at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in comments reported by The Guardian, Mr Bercow said that he is inspired to stop the prime minister from using any means necessary to deliver Brexit under the pretext that "the House of Commons must have its way".

"And if there is an attempt to circumvent, to bypass or - God forbid - to close down parliament, that is anathema to me and I will fight it with every bone in my body to stop that happening".

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