Shocking video shows Russian policeman punching female protester

Shocking video shows Russian policeman punching female protester

Shocking video shows Russian policeman punching female protester

The video, which has more than 360,000 views, shows a young woman dragged by four masked policemen in riot gear, with one of them punching her in the stomach for no apparent reason.

When reached by Baza, Tsyplakov declined comment on the situation, blocked the correspondent on social media and deleted all photos from his own profiles.

He says the woman was examined by doctors of a hospital #67 where she had been taken to on August 12.

In an interview with the Mediazona website, the woman, Daria Sosnovskaya, said she was dragged away by police for protesting the detention of a man with a disability.

A few days ago, Pavel Chikov, Head of the human rights organization Agora, offered a reward of 100,000 rubles for information about the policeman who hit activist Daria Sosnovskaya in the stomach with his fist during Saturday's rally on Sakharov Avenue in Moscow.

A decision to block opposition candidates from running for election to Moscow's city parliament has prompted a wave of protests that are among the largest since Putin returned to the Kremlin in 2012. Moscow police have launched an investigation into the incident.

Sosnovskaya's arrest has resulted in added outcry, this time aimed at the police, for the use of excessive force in breaking up the recent protests.

Russian officers are rarely disciplined for using excessive and disproportionate force against demonstrators.

The country's National Guard said the cop who punched Sosnovskaya does not "belong to Russian National Guard's units".

The independent rights watchdog OVD-Info says more than 350 people were detained across Russian Federation on August 10 during protests against the refusal of election officials to register several opposition candidates for Moscow's municipal elections.

At previous protests in Moscow, police detained about 1,400 people on July 27 and more than 1,000 people on August 3. Over 130 people were detained in the aftermath, including Sosnovskaya.

The Kremlin spokesman said that Putin has "paid attention to what is happening" but did comment because "every day in Russian Federation a huge number of events take place". Only the first one of them had been authorized by the Moscow mayor's office.

Russian President Vladimir Putin created the National Guard in April 2016 to fight terrorism and organized crime.

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