Illinois' 1st West Nile virus case confirmed in Chicago man

ND West Nile Cases

ND West Nile Cases

Three previous cases were reported in Smith, Hinds and Copiah counties in July.

Since July there have also been positive mosquito samples collected in Bucks County as well as in Berks and DE counties. Each sample can have five to 65 mosquitoes, she said. "We are doing everything possible now to ensure these mosquitoes do not become established in our communities; however, this type of mosquito can be very hard to eliminate".

Common symptoms of West Nile include fever, nauseam headaches and muscle aches, the health department said. In addition to potentially carrying the Zika virus, the new mosquitoes are also capable of carrying dengue, chikungunya, and yellow fever.

And controlling the population of the new arrival will require a different approach as well.

The Adams County Conservation District urges all residents, businesses, developers and farmers to be responsible and help eliminate mosquitoes by inspecting their properties for sources of stagnant water, like tarps, tires, buckets, construction debris, pools, plastic toys, gutters, watering troughs, and bird baths.

Bischoff says the department has noticed mosquito numbers have been increasing in traps around the state.

The entirety of Kansas is at high risk for the West Nile virus, according to the latest report by the Kansas Department of Health and Environment.

New Mexico has had cases of West Nile every year since the virus migrated to the state in 2003.

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