No Man’s Sky Beyond crashing to desktop fix

No Man’s Sky Beyond release date launch time update patch notes and VR news

No Man’s Sky Beyond release date launch time update patch notes and VR news

Yesterday saw the launch of one of the biggest updates for Hello Games' No Man's Sky with Beyond which brought with it virtual reality support, an expanded multiplayer size, more aliens wandering about the environment, more words to discover, and the ability to sit on chairs. Maximum player count on consoles has increased from 4 to 8 and on PC from 4 to 32.

Fix for crashes occurring in the Space Anomaly. With Beyond, the developer has added VR support and a number of other features.

Improved base building: If building bases is your thing, you're going to love this update because you now have a new camera perspective, will get visual cues for snap points, and can use your jetpack.

Previously No Man's Sky was a game infamous for requiring players to constantly go back and forth between their ship and the resources they needed - now inventory limitations have been relaxed, so players can carry "near-unlimited quantities" of any substances they require - specifically, the storage slot limit has been raised from 250 to 10,000.

Here's how to change between the standard first-person view and the new third-person camera mode in No Man's Sky.

It's not just VR that's coming in the Beyond update.

Fix for crash when incorrect number of freighters spawn.

While crashes are common in many PC games, the general hope is that they're all one-offs, and don't frequently happen. Given the amount of improvements and new features it's adding into the core game, this isn't all that surprising. And Hello Games followed Next with its latest update, Beyond.

At the moment, this crashing problem seems related to No Man's Sky Beyond's new ambient multiplayer, which has only just been patched in.

Murray said that following the launch of Next, Hello Games was working on hot-fixes "often daily", so there's a good chance we'll see hot-fixes deployed for Beyond as well.

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