UK Govt to ask Queen to suspend Parliament

UK Govt to ask Queen to suspend Parliament

UK Govt to ask Queen to suspend Parliament

Others say that if a general election is triggered then Johnson can not make such life-changing and permanent decisions until the results are known.

While suspending parliament ahead of a Queen's Speech is the historical norm in Britain, the decision to limit parliamentary scrutiny weeks before the country's most contentious policy decision in decades prompted an immediate outcry.

Speaking to Sky News Wednesday morning, Prime Minister Boris Johnson made the announcement official and reinforced the official line that the decision was about governing the country, rather than Brexit.

The monarch is known for being cautious about intervening in any political matters, so it's highly unlikely she would step in at any point to prevent a no-deal Brexit.

The House of Commons will convene from September 3-10 and then was scheduled to go on a break until October 9 - though lawmakers had suggested they might cancel that break and stay in session because of the Brexit crisis.

Following the conclusion of the party conference season, when parliament goes into recess, the second session of this Parliament is expected to commence with the Queen's Speech on October 14, leaving little time for MPs to legislate on Brexit by the due date of October 31.

Cheered on by U.S President Donald Trump, Johnson launched his boldest move yet to take the country out of the European Union by October 31 with or without a divorce deal, by setting a new date for a state opening of parliament.

"The Leader of the Commons will update the House in the normal fashion with regard to business for the final week". "What the Prime Minister is doing is a sort of smash and grab on our democracy in order to force through a no-deal exit of the European Union".

The move enraged opposition MPs involved in trying to stop Brexit.

"As a fellow parliamentarian, my solidarity with those fighting for their voices to be heard", he tweeted.

The pound plunged on the news, down to $1.2196 from nearly $1.2300 the previous day.

But the prime minister said it was "completely untrue" to suggest that the suspension was motivated by a desire to force through a no-deal Brexit. Without such a deal, Britain faces a chaotic Brexit that economists warn would disrupt trade by imposing tariffs and customs checks between Britain and the bloc, send the value of the pound plummeting and plunge the United Kingdom into recession.

Johnson has rejected claims his decision is created to block MPs from considering ways to thwart his Brexit plans after he was accused of mounting a "coup" against parliament. "Meanwhile, a government spokesman characterised it as "...this is about the NHS and violent crime, not Brexit, and the courts have no locus to interfere in a bog-standard Queen's Speech process".

Johnson sought legal advice about proroguing parliament for five weeks from early September, leaked emails published on the weekend revealed.

The decision was slammed by some as the ploy of a "dictator", but Brexit supporters cheered it as a decisive move to finally bring the country out of the European Union three years after the popular vote to leave. However, the group also said that using a vote of no confidence in the government remained an option.

Johnson wants parliament to return 12 days later on October 14.

Can a general election be held before Brexit on 31 October?

During that key 14 days after a no-confidence vote, another lawmaker could try to win Parliament's backing in a vote.

But these rules were introduced in a 2011 law and have never been tested, leaving plenty of room for argument. It means parliament's sitting is suspended and it ends all current legislation under discussion.

"We're not going to wait until October 31 without getting on with our plans to take this country forward", Mr. Johnson said.

Many British lawmakers, who are now on vacation from Parliament, are angered by Johnson's controversial move.

During the televised interview on Wednesday, Johnson denied that he was seeking to prevent Parliament from limiting his Brexit plans.

April 11, 2019: Britain and the European Union agree for a second time to extend the withdrawal deadline, originally scheduled for March 29, to keep Brexit from happening without a deal in place. He said at the close of the G7 summit in Biarritz, France, Monday that he was "marginally more optimistic", of progress.

Grieve was joined in comments by Philip Hammond, who was Chancellor of the Exchequer - Britain's finance minister - under the Theresa May's government but resigned before Boris Johnson had time to fire him. May's government, wrote on his Twitter account that "it would be a constitutional outrage if Parliament were prevented from holding the government to account at a time of national crisis".

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