Former education secretary Justine Greening to quit at next election

Gavin Williamson is urging MPs to back their leader

Gavin Williamson is urging MPs to back their leader

Opposition parties are pledging to challenge Johnson's policy that the United Kingdom will leave the European Union on 31 October even if there is no deal.

The emergency cabinet meeting was called before the prime minister is expected to address Conservative members of parliament at a 10 Downing Street drinks reception.

The Rotherham-born ex-international development secretary and columnist for The Yorkshire Post said her concerns that the Tory Party was morphing into Nigel Farage's Brexit Party had "come to pass", and said that the Prime Minister was offering the country a "lose-lose" situation by threatening a general election.

Johnson threat this week to MPs that they will have a whip removed if they vote against the government had not worked on Greening.

The prime minister abruptly ripped up plans for a meeting with a group of rebellious former ministers, including Philip Hammond and David Gauke in what had been billed as a last-ditch effort to limit support for the action in parliament.

The former Chief Whip added: "A deal can be done, it will be done and the Prime Minister is the best person, the only person that can deliver that".

MPs had been returning to the Commons after the summer season recess with opponents of a no-deal Brexit seeking to take management of enterprise within the Home to permit them to debate proposed laws to dam the United Kingdom from leaving the European Union with out an settlement.

Once again, the Remain Parliament has thrown a spoke in the wheel of British democracy and it looks like Brexit will be delayed again at least temporarily until a new government is elected with a majority to overturn the Letwin Bill.

"First we must come together to stop no deal - this week could be our last chance", Corbyn said in his keynote speech in Salford, Greater Manchester. "Then we need a general election".

The former education and worldwide development secretary said that she does not believe the Tories will offer a "sensible choice" at the next election and that her fears that the party is morphing into the Brexit Party have "come to pass".

Former education secretary Justine Greening launched a blistering attack on Boris Johnson today as she announced she is standing down at the next election.

Asked if the prime minister was going to hold an election, his official spokesman said: "He's been asked this on many occasions and his answer has been he doesn't want there to be an election".

"I want to focus on making a difference on the ground on social mobility and I believe I can do that better outside Parliament than inside Parliament".

The supply mentioned Mr Johnson would request a common election on 14 October if the movement acquired the required help of two-thirds of MPs beneath the Mounted-term Parliaments Act (FTPA).

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