Woman's 12-Week Scan Reveals Expected Baby Is Actually Cancerous Growth

United Kingdom woman Grace Baker-Padden says she was shocked after "falling pregnant" due to the fact she was on the contraceptive pill.

But after four tests, her doctor confirmed the news. She and her husband, Joe Cowling, told their parents of the news and even began to pick names for their potential baby-to-be.

"We made a decision to proceed with the pregnancy". We were so happy and excited. "Our parents couldn't wait to be first-time grandparents".

According to the Mail, she then began vomiting on a daily basis, and her stomach began to swell. She thought nothing of it and assumed that she was undergoing these experiences because she was pregnant.

Cowling, a 28-year-old recruitment consultant, told The Mirror: "There was no baby shape-it looked like a bunch of grapes". "The midwife stated it looked like a "molar pregnancy" and went to come across a health care provider".

Outlining that the therapy was administered at the Teenage Cancer ward, Cowling carries on: "The do the job that the nurses and health professionals do on that ward is absolutely nothing considerably less than astounding, every single time I have visited with Grace I have been taken aback by nearly everything they do for the courageous people today they are treating".

Physicians afterwards verified the midwife's suspicion - Baker-Padden was dealing with a molar pregnancy or gestational trophoblastic disease (GTD).

The tumor had triggered pregnancy-like signs and symptoms by causing Baker-Padden's hormones to spike, as well as sickness and the bump.

According to the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RANZCOG), GTD is a rare complication of pregnancy that occurs in about 1 out of every 200-1000 pregnancies.

"It was such a shock. From planning this exciting new future as a family to suddenly no baby and my health at risk was very bad", Ms Baker-Padden, 23, told The Mirror.

"I just wanted the terrible mass out of me immediately", she continued.

The mass was removed two days later after tests showed it was malignant.

Grace took chemotherapy medication to fight off her risk of developing cancer for the next six months, and in September she was admitted for more tests in Sheffield at a unit run by the Teenage Cancer Trust, which helps patients aged 13 to 24 year olds.

"They were confident I could be treated but it was scary", Baker-Padden said of the tests and process. "I had to stay two nights".

"We just wanted things to be okay", Ms Baker-Padden recalls of their scan in February 2018.

Grace said this made her exhausted and weak and that her hair had started to thin.

Two days after Christmas, Baker-Padden was finally cleared by her doctors, but she continued to receive precautionary treatment until January. "We just wanted to be normal again and planned a holiday to celebrate", she says.

And while the couple still dream of having a baby, doctors have warned that there's a 15 per cent chance it could happen again.

They still hope to have a baby in the future but have been advised not to try for at least a year while Grace's body stabilises.

"It's all been very hard, but we're so relieved Grace is okay", Cowling said. "We'll wait a whilst", Baker-Padden says.

A 12-week scan revealed Grace Baker-Padden wasn't pregnant but had a tumor.

In a post written on her Facebook on August 31, she asked people to help by donating to the Great North Run Fundraising page.

"With a little over a week left to go till the Great North Run, my self and Joe would be very grateful if you could all take a moment to visit [Joe's] just giving page and give whatever you can to an wonderful cause", Baker-Padden wrote.

"I sense really emotional about him executing it mainly because it is this sort of a good result in", Baker-Padden suggests.

"The most common type of GTD is a Hydatidiform Mole", they note.

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