Apple debuts iPhone 11 Pro with triple camera setup

Apple TV next to a TV iPad iPhone and Mac displaying “The Morning Show.”

Apple TV next to a TV iPad iPhone and Mac displaying “The Morning Show.”

We'll report back with a full review of all of Apple's new devices just as soon as can. Night mode is one of the best new iPhone 11 cameras features.

The newly announced iPhone 11 comes in six colors and boasts two cameras and longer battery life.

But Apple has struggled amid a global slowdown in smartphone sales, particularly in China, and complaints that its phones were often missing the most advanced camera features of rivals such as Alphabet's Google, Samsung and Huawei.

Earlier in the week some observers had predicted Apple could get a significant bump in sales this year from its slate of new iPhones, given that numerous company's roughly 900 million existing iPhone users are primed for an upgrade, with phones that are, on average, five years old.

However, it was Apple TV+'s low subscription price that caught the attention of investors.

Another pre-announcement rumour that sadly proved false, the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro will not add support for the company's smart stylus, the Apple Pencil. Today, we'll give you a closer look at the new iPhone models so you can see what's special in the new iPhones.

None of the iPhones was tailored for the 5G telecom networks starting to roll out. The seventh-generation iPad is expected in the stores on September 30th.

With both these products, Apple continues to push its vision of how everyone will use them, so convinced that it's right that it is sure it only has to repeat the message enough times before everyone realizes that the company was correct all along.

The iPad case is made entirely of recycled aluminium and will have a recently introduced operating system designed specifically for the tablet computers. Apple's latest and greatest in cellular handsets is no different. Contrary to speculation, Apple did not mention any new sleep-tracking functionality, instead revealing a new always-on display created to last up to 18 hours, apps like Noise for monitoring ambient noise levels, and Cycle Tracking for logging menstrual cycle data.

Apple also invited Watch users to volunteer for three new health studies, though data collected will remain anonymous.

Apple also revealed the Apple Watch Series 5 at Tuesday's event, which will have an always-on screen while maintaining up to 18 hours of battery life. Meanwhile, Apple TV+ will launch in more than 100 countries on 1 November at $4.99 a month.

Apple's offer is the lowest of the major streaming content providers.

A short black-and-white film, shot by the director Diego Contreras and the cinematographer Guillermo Garza, on the iPhone 11 Pro and played before the crowd at Tuesday's event, highlighted "the computational photography mad science" of the new three-lens system with 4x optical zoom.

Apple is entering the video streaming race, taking on Netflix, Amazon, Disney and others with a monthly subscription of $4.99. This explains why Apple was so upbeat about it's new services like Arcade and Apple TV+ and even talked about it ahead of the iPhones.

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