Arnold Schwarzenegger fears he helped Trump become presidential

Arnold Schwarzenegger resumed his ongoing feud with President Trump, claiming that the root of their animosity is that the president is "in love" with the actor.

Since Schwarzenegger, an immigrant bodybuilder turned robot assassin turned California governor, took over for Trump as the host of NBC's "Celebrity Apprentice" (the network cut ties with Trump in 2015 over the then-candidate's derogatory comments about Mexican immigrants), the president has ridiculed him for the show's poor ratings, even opening the annual National Prayer Breakfast in 2017 asking attendees to pray for the show.

"He's in love with me". "I was still stuck as Arnold".

"Wow, the ratings are in and Arnold Schwarzenegger got "swamped" (or destroyed) by comparison to the ratings machine, DJT", Trump tweeted after winning the 2016 presidential election. I forced my way in there, then I do it and do it and do it and do it, until it gets done. "But I learned quickly that that's really not the way it works. That's the reality of it", Schwarzenegger told Men's Health, adding, "With Trump, he wants to be me". It takes much more time, much more effort, but that's just the way it is. In the interview, he offered an interesting glimpse into the president's psyche. Schwarzenegger responded: "I'm still here". At wrestling matches and other events, Trump would pepper Schwarzenegger with questions. "He asked me, 'How do you do that, with the movies? I mean, it's so believable". It was about 'How do you sell something?' Like, a scene. 'How do you go and act out a scene so that I get affected emotionally?' He was fascinated by that.

Regardless of how Schwarzenegger feels about Trump's presidency or Trump's perceived obsession with him, the actor isn't anxious about the POTUS' effect on the country.

On how the Terminator won people over: "People really admired the character, because he was able to do things they all wanted to do". "Because they know that one president, one man, can not change this country".

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