Colonel Sanders is a Real Snack in Finger Lickin' Dating Sim

Colonel Sanders is a Real Snack in Finger Lickin' Dating Sim

Colonel Sanders is a Real Snack in Finger Lickin' Dating Sim

Which, obviously, is described as "a finger lickin' good dating simulator". Doesn't mention whether you can fuck Colonel Sanders, but I'm sure modders will rectify that oversight if KFC doesn't allow it. Sometimes I pine for KFC, mostly because I can't have it.

It has a trailer video, stills and a premise that places you as a culinary school student trying to date your classmate Colonel Sanders.

It's when you get into the description, however, that things get really wild.

The developers were vague on how much content the game contains, only saying that there are "multiple hours of play-through".

Only one Kentucky Colonel is the subject of a new dating sim, though - and it's not one of the Golden Girls.

Although a KFC dating sim may seem like a odd thing, fast-food marketing (and really, marketing in general) has been getting increasingly weird. I'm genuinely unsure if this is an elaborate hoax or a real game; none of KFC's social media channels seem to mention anything about it at the time of writing. Throughout your journey, you'll be faced with life-changing decisions that will affect your chances of friendship and love. A game like this is sure to generate buzz all on its own, nevermind the profits that can potentially be made from the game itself.

It now does not have a release date. There looks to be some romantic rivalry, some cooking competitions, and some hearthrobbing tension between you and the Colonel as your relationship blossoms like a bowl of mashed potatoes.

While Psyop is providing development services for the game, it claims that KFC is entirely responsible for the concept and content of the dating sim.

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