Julian Smith says he is not resigning as Secretary of State

Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson

Ruth Davidson, the previous Scottish Tory chief and a vocal critic of the Prime Minister, lashed out immediately saying that the 21 politicians stripped of the get together whip "weren't serial rebels".

Parliament will be suspended for five weeks and will not return until October 14.

The news follows the resignation of Department of Work and Pensions Secretary Amber Rudd, who resigned from the Tory whip after the Prime Minister sacked 21 rebels and told Tory members he was minded to ignore an incoming law compelling him to extend Article 50's negotiating period until next year.

"Unfortunately, I no longer believe that getting that deal is the central objective of the government".

A source speaking to the Sunday Times stated that the prime minister is making prepared for a display cowl-down within the Supreme Courtroom, asserting "If there isn't a deal by the 18th we are in a position to sabotage the extension", while yet another source stated the prime minister's inside of personnel is making prepared to "clutch a chainsaw to one thing else" that threatens tremendous the need of the opposite folks.

The Hastings & Rye MP said she had taken the added step of quitting the party to "make the point that the Conservative Party should be a moderate party which accepts people with different views on the EU".

Johnson on Monday reiterated his stance that the provision must be scrapped in order for the two sides to reach a compromise deal ahead of Britain's October 31 departure date.

However, to do this, law requires that two thirds of MP's must vote for this. But a spokesperson added that "all ministers who joined the Cabinet signed up to leaving the European Union on October 31 come what may".

Here is a breakdown of what has happened this week in the of commons.

According to the paper, Mr Farage wants to see Tory candidates stand aside in Labour-supporting areas in the North, South Wales and the Midlands to give his party a chance to pick up votes from Brexit-supporting voters.

The pact aims to secure the UK's exit from the European Union, as well as place Farage as the leader of a Westminster party with a considerable number of seats.

The backstop - the insurance policy to avoid a hard border on the island of Ireland - remains a major stumbling block in getting a Brexit deal through Parliament.

Julian Smith today moved swiftly to dismiss suggestions he would be the next Cabinet minister to quit in protest at a brutal purge of Tory Remainers.

Javid said: "Anyone who understands how negotiation works, you would not discuss those in public".

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