Parliament votes down Johnson's SECOND motion to force snap United Kingdom elections

Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson

The next general election is scheduled for 2022.

"No-one can trust the word of a Prime Minister who is threatening to break the law to force through no deal", he said.

Mr Johnson has long promised that the United Kingdom will leave the European Union with or without a deal on October 31. "Meanwhile this government will press on with negotiating a deal", Johnson said.

"We are not walking into a trap laid by the prime minister", he told lawmakers.

Parliament was officially suspended for five weeks - a process known as proroguing - in the early hours of Tuesday morning, with MPs not due back until 14 October.

Johnson's government has said negotiations will continue with Brussels during shutdown in the hope that a Brexit deal can be brokered ahead of Britain's planned departure from the EU.

Mr Corbyn recommitted to a second referendum on Brexit, which he said would include a "credible option to Leave" as well as Remain.

Later it was announced that Queen Elizabeth II had given Royal Consent to a bill put forward by a coalition of opposition MPs that prevents Johnson from taking Britain out of the European Union unless a deal with Brussels is in place.

Jeremy Corbyn, head of the opposition Labour Party, urged Johnson to accept a new law that took effect on Monday, aiming at blocking a no-deal Brexit.

Johnson is scheduled to head to Brussels on October 17 for a crucial meeting of the European Council, which is made up of leaders of the 28 EU member states.

Although Bercow was praised by politicians, including ministers, he has been blamed for making life hard for both Theresa May's and Johnson's governments by allowing backbench MPs to seize control of the parliamentary order paper.

In his ruling last week, judge Lord Doherty said Mr Johnson had not broken the law by proroguing Parliament, and that it was for MPs and the electorate to judge the prime minister's actions rather than the courts.

Speaker John Bercow generated breaking news on television channels when he announced Monday that he would be standing down as Speaker and as an MP on October 31 at the latest.

The court later agreed to release the documents to the media.

The House of Commons passed two motions Monday: one that forced the government to publish all assessment on damage of a no-deal Brexit and another to force the prime minister to follow the rule of law and request an extension from the European Union if no deal is agreed by Oct 19.

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