Pixel 4 render hints at October 15 announcement date

The latest leak comes from the appropriately-named Gadget Leaks channels on YouTube, which purports to show off the Pixel 4 in a new orange color. Earlier today a bunch of photos comparing the white and black variants appeared online.

This render showcases the front of the Pixel 4, giving us a clear look at the bezels surrounding its display.

If you're looking for a more thorough look at the Pixel 4, a separate leak we wrote about this morning features some of the clearest photos of the phone we're likely to see until actual marketing images leak (which they nearly certainly will, since everything leaks now).

More recently, the date of Google's annual hardware event was seemingly revealed and now, courtesy of YouTuber Brandon Lee from This is Tech Today, another leak details the Pixel 4's "Motion Sense" settings. Just last week, we wrote about the first Pixel 4 hands-on video, and in the process of publishing the post, we had to issue an update to include a second video that had begun making the rounds while we were writing.

Google will offer a range of Motion Sense settings Through official teasers and a recently leaked Pixel 4 promo video, Google has already teased the ability to switch songs with Motion Sense or silence alarms and phone calls.

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